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We are a real-estate developer Located in the western region of Saudi Arabia. We exist to create lifestyle real-estet projects, where beauty meets efficiency and quality is engraved in each and every detail of our work. Our collaboration is built with the finest leads in the real-estate market, locally and internationally, to ensure we construct and deliver projects that are

Designed For Life

Aldiyar also continuously invests in other sectors such as health care, IT, retial and other industries as part of Aldiyar's deviersification and risk strategy.


  • I.T.
  • Distribution

Our Core Principle


Is not just a fine architecture or a beautiful balanced interior design, but it is a byproduct of creativity, passion and art mixed together. Which leads to an extremely positive experience of our clients and partners.


the"Ultimate Sophistication". To achieve simplicity, one has to go through a chain of complexity. And We consistently strive for simplicity in our projects and daily work

Building Materials

May it be marble, Natural stone, Glass or wood, we invest extensively in Research and Development for world class suppliers to ensure that our projects serves our philosophy and increases brand equity.

Time & Delivery

Our projects are planned to leverage any risk and potential challenges that may arise, however, we always find an opportunity to push further, and deliver ahead of expectations.

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P. O. Box 53593 Jeddah 21593, Headquarters

Business Park, Corniche Rd, Jeddah, KSA


+966 12 510 4441